Mozilla Firefox 64bit version

The last few months Mozilla firefox has been on a rally to catch up with its biggest rival Google Chrome. From version 3.6.xx it has jumped to 11.0. On the other hand users demand an 64bit version and that is why projects such as waterfox and palemoon seems to be very popular. Mozilla team has been working since version 13.0alpha1 on a 64bit version and they are already on their second version 14.alpha1.

Nighlty Firefox 64bit

This release is a nighlty release which means it even newer than the Aurora ones but none the less it seems stable enough even for every day use. Moreover it is update automatically almost daily and it has reasonable memory footprint.

For more information check the following url

Over here the Windows 64bit version is not yet visible but none the less you can download it from here

the file for your concern right now 19/03/2012 is this one

With an official 64bit Mozilla Firefox seems to be back in the game.

*1 for an 64bit Flash, Java and Silverlight version please check here
*2 in case that some of your plugins are not working properly get this one which overrides any compatibility problems Nightly Tester Tools
*3 You can not run concurrent your old 32bit version with the 64bit version. Only one of them should be running but you can have both of the installed and choose accordingly

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Windows Git Server

Recently I started using Git and fell in love with it. Maybe it does not have the easiness of the Perforce client but it is free and it seems to do the work.

For various reasons I only have a windows machine that stays on 24/7 therefore I need to have a Windows Git Server. Having Google-ing  these terms I end up installing copssh (by the way does not seem to be free anymore), cygwin, python tools, gitosis, gitolie and other various utilities that make everything too complicate.

Given that windows are not anymore the kingdom of the geeks there should be many one click solutions.

These are the new promising candidates.

Gitstack and Bonobo are the only ones that are essentially an exe file that you just install.

The next three ones seem to have more buttons and knobs here and there but they are harder to install, and they need some dependencies e.g. IIS7, Ruby and etc.

Update 9/3/2012

Another 2 project worth mentioning are the following ones

The last 2 ones together with GitStack seems to be the most complete solution of all the above mentioned.

SCM-manager supports Git, Subversion and Mercurial but Gitblit supports only Git.

Both of them are available as war for Your Servlet Container e.g. Tomcat, Jetty, Glassfish.

I know java seems to let you down because it is expected to be resource hungry but both of them play nice and if you are determined they can support https and ssl with minimum hassle.

Update 11/11/2012

More projects worth mentioning especially the GITLAB.

For all of them I could say that they try to be a personal github, their installation is not just a few clicks but they support multiple repositories, ticket functionality and etc…

Update 06/06/2013

Another option worth looking into is using the following splendid client and as the server back-end.

Sourcetree is free and in my opinion one of the best, clients for windows.

It was build to work with bitbucket, which offers free “Unlimited Private Repositories” for up to 5 users but given that sourcetree supports https and ssh, it should not be too difficult to make it work with github or even some of the above servers.

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Google Chrome and Chromium Project

Google chrome is start looking more interesting even in compare to Firefox but many people, myself included are having second thoughts of the possible Google’s invasion of privacy.

Google chrome is based on the chromium project. Google programmers take the chromium project and more or less they add the privacy invasion marketing things.

Do you want the real thing without google added fat, compiled for windows then check this link

* Chromium has updated their ftp servers and the new link is


Of course these compiles are betas or even alpha.  Right now they are on version 15 when the last stable version is 13 and the beta is 14

Having dowloading/installing a few of them everyday for over a month still I do not have any problems and seemed to be pretty stable. (Always download the mini_installer.exe file)

* Every time you check their site the latest build is the one at the bottom of the page.

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