Tv Series you have to see (part 02)

A young law graduate “Ellen Parsons” gets a job to work with a high stakes litigator “Patricia Hewes”. Soon we will discover that nothing is what it seems. A truly excellent law series which is like a big movies with 12-13 parts.
A police blood forensics expert becomes a serial killer of the criminals he thinks escaped the justice system. It is definetly on my personal top5 of series of all times. Probably the only series where we are with serial killer and not with his victims.
A few hundred years in the future a crew of renegades board a small spaceship called firefly and try to survive as they travel to the galaxy. A truly unique classic series (it can be said that it is a western sci-fi) which has been followed by a movie called “Serenity”.
An FBi agent “Olivia Dunham” is working with a mad institutionalized scientist “Dr. Bishop” and its son “Walter Bishop” in order to solve unexplained phenomena which are called “fringe”. An x-files kind of series which has nothing to do with aliens.
A pizza delivery guy is accidentally frozen on 1999 and wakes up in 2999. It is like Simpson in the future, written from the same creators, but it is also so different. If you like simpsons you can love this.
After a series of nuclear attacks in the USA, a small Kansas town called Jericho is faced with the problems of the fallout. Given the current affairs, economic depression and all this series seems to picture the things to come.
A former unemployed insurance investigator becomes part of a Robin Hood like scheme. With the help of the best thieves in the business, they will steal from the rich and give to the poor, himself and the team will provide leverage.


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