How to add subtitles to a huge collection of series

Nowadays most of the people have a huge collection of movies / series that is to cumbersome to add subtitles to each file by hand.

If you got a linux box things can get to easy for you

Periscope and subdownloader can be a great help.

The Periscope is a command line program that the user gives it a directory and then it downloads the subtitles for all the files in it from


Even thought this one is a command line program it is too easy to use, its parameters are only the directory of the files you want to find subtitles e.g. periscope /series/

If you want to find subtitles for other languages you have to edit the file in your home directory which is located in /home/bourlas/.config/periscope/config

this file should be like this

lang = en

add more languages by using “,” so the lang parameter should be

lang = en, fr

The other proggie called subdownloader does the same job but it has a nice gui and moreover a windows client. (The windows client is shareware). The subdownloader gets its subtitles only from but it is easier to use.

Both of them can be great help and support many languages for the subtitles in addition to English.

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    Articles like this are an example of quick, hlepufl answers.

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    An cool post right there mate ! Thanks for the post .

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