Google Chrome and Chromium Project

Google chrome is start looking more interesting even in compare to Firefox but many people, myself included are having second thoughts of the possible Google’s invasion of privacy.

Google chrome is based on the chromium project. Google programmers take the chromium project and more or less they add the privacy invasion marketing things.

Do you want the real thing without google added fat, compiled for windows then check this link

* Chromium has updated their ftp servers and the new link is


Of course these compiles are betas or even alpha.  Right now they are on version 15 when the last stable version is 13 and the beta is 14

Having dowloading/installing a few of them everyday for over a month still I do not have any problems and seemed to be pretty stable. (Always download the mini_installer.exe file)

* Every time you check their site the latest build is the one at the bottom of the page.

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