Tv Series you have to see (part 01)

Tv-series are the evolution of movies in the 21st century. Most of the series now a days have the budget of hollywood movie. The following series in my opinion are the ones that you have to see (in alphabetical order):

The 4400
A comet is passing by earth and leaves behind 4400 people. All of them have been reported missing from a few months to 60 years. These missing people have not aged a day and have strange new abilities. No it is not Heroes.

Arrested development
Michael Bluth takes over family business after his father is imprisoned. His job is becoming too difficult due to his dysfunctional family. The best commedy that lasted so little 53 episodes (3 series).

Burn Notice
A spy helps people in need while trying to find out why he was burned. A modern mix between Robin Hood and an ethical spy that is placed on Miami. This series is still playing and seems to have a story that connects each and every episode.

A sexaholic writer with a passion for smoking, drugs and booze is strangling to raise his 16 years old daughter. This series is all about the dialogs and proves that X-Files are so over.
A Successful mystery writer ‘Ricky’ Castle in order to seek inspiration, get permission from the mayor, as a personal favor, to tag along with the detectives team. His ability to think like a criminal would become invaluable to Kate Beckett ‘chief detective’.
The Closer
A woman (Brenda Johnson) is put in charge of the LAPD homicide department. Her ability to obtain confessions by reading people greatly helps the cases solving process. It is not the usual police series.
Coupling (UK)
On average, men and women think about sex every six seconds. Shorten that to every second, and you’ve got Coupling. As Freud said the sex drive is the most important motivating force. This series is not like friends and you are going to like it or hate it mainly because it is British.


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How to change the Favicon of your website

What is a favicon? quoting wikipedia “A favicon (short for favorites icon), also known as a shortcut icon, website icon, URL icon, or bookmark icon is a 16×16 or 32×32 pixel square icon associated with a particular website or webpage.”


How can you change it easily and give a more professional look to your site?

1. Pick up an image and crop it to 32×32 pixels using photoshop, gimp or even mspaint.

2. Save this cropped image to png (if it is transparent) or whatever file format you want

3. Use one of the various online free FavIcon Generators like

4. Finally download the resulted favicon.ico file and upload it to the root directory of your website.

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Utorrent Linux Headless TorrentBox

Utorrent seems to be the most famous client. One of the reasons is that it does allmost everything that other clients do but it weights only a few kilobytes.

From the very begining many users wanted to run this excellent client on Linux. The utorrent developers never really bothered to compile it on Linux therefore if someone wants to use it the only option was using WINE (windows is not emulated) the famous windows emulation layer for linux.

Recently Utorrent developers launched the “Idea Bank” a place on their site where users could vote and suggest what they want to be implemented, as it was expected the most popular idea was a “Linux Version” and to “Open Source” the project. The latter seems far away but the Linux version is finally here!!!

This versions is still Alpha and I am quoting their site “is intended for users seeking a fast, commandline only BitTorrent client with remote web-based management” in other words it is a command line client that has a web gui.

This how to will show you how to setup a Linux Headless Torrentbox using utorrent.

1. Download the Linux server utorrent file µTorrent Server alpha (3.0 build 21886)

2. extract the tar file using this command tar -xvf utorrent-server-3.0-21886.tar.gz

3. the tar will build a directory called bittorrent-server-v3_0 where inside it is the utserver executable, double click on it.

4. Using Firefox or the browser of your choice go to this url http://localhost:8080/gui/

5. The default user name is admin and the password is blank (nothing just press enter).

6. The utorrent server is running on you Linux box

7. In order to setup the server press on the right hand side on the icon bar the gear and the preferences window will popup, which by the way is almost the same with the windows version.

* This “how to” was tested on Ubuntu 10.04.01 LTS (x64) but you should not have a problem on debian, fedora and all the popular distros.

** It seems that some users have problems if their distro is x64 based. This utorrent server is compiled using x86 instruction set. In order for it to work you should have installed the ia32-libs. I install it using the following command sudo apt-get install ia32-libs and everything seems to work fine.

*** The only thing missing from the Linux Version is the RSS feed downloader.

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